Wedding Photographer Can Make or Break

calgaryweddingphotographerFor most lovers and sweethearts, marriage is the ultimate form of showing their love for one another. It is the pinnacle of their relationship where celebration is necessary to revel the momentous occasion of their life. Even though the day of the wedding is roughly considered as their first day as a married couple, one simply cannot fathom the difficulty and troubles couples go through to prepare for the most special day in their life. Unless you hire a wedding planner to handle all wedding-related matter, you will need to do a lot of things months ahead of the scheduled celebration.

If you haven’t experienced getting married as of yet, consider the troubles of making hotel reservations, looking for catering services that suits the theme of your feast, having your wedding gown and his wedding tuxedo prepared, making wedding invitations and deciding who to invite only on the wedding celebration, readying the theme dresses of the bridesmaid and other female entourage, choosing the priest who will say your wedding vows, reserving a chapel for the main wedding, and finally booking a wedding photographer who will capture the price moments of the event.

Rustic Spring Photoshoot | Priddis, AB from My Canvas Media on Vimeo.

A wedding is not a simple celebration since it requires a lot of preparation as well as cost. However, in the future, once you look back to the days of your wedding through the images captured by your wedding photographer, you will simply smile in knowing that everything went well and according to plan. The memories that the wedding pictures encompasses can be considered priceless as it is an event that is never going to happen again. Even if you renew your vows with each other, the first wedding event will always remain as one of your fine memories.

Having amazing photographs of the wedding day can immortalize in your mind that momentous occasion in your life. Sadly, such moments can actually be ruined by hiring unimaginative wedding photographers who have no talent of making the images that they shoot look magical. Hiring inexperienced or run-of-the-mill wedding photographers on your most special day will only result in a lifetime of regret. To make the memories of your wedding day more desirable, you need to hire the best calgary wedding photographers so that you can have professional quality pictures that you and your spouse can be proud of. While it may cost more to hire the very best wedding photographers, it will be an investment well worth it.

Become An Effective Salesperson With Everything DiSC

You may usually think that the DiSC test is just another type of personality test that is only for fun and gets you nowhere.  Did you know that your DiSC profile can be run through a DiSC assessment and with the use of the Everything DiSC Sales model, you can learn all about your personality and decipher the reasons why other people behave the way they do in your presence?

Below, you will get to learn a few tips on how to become an effective salesperson based on the Everything DiSC profiles:

DISC Profile

DISC Profile

  • D-Style (Dominance) – In order to be effective in sales, you need to converse with authority regarding your products and/or services.  If you become frustrated easily, if you hesitate, or you suddenly change your attitude (as if you have become very unsure about the product), people will think and feel that you are fake and do not care about their needs.  Also, in order to become effective in sales, you have to be skilled in communication, have a good attitude, confident, and is transparent.
  • i-Style (Influence) – To become better in sales, first of all, you need to believe in yourself.  Customers will expect your knowledge and guidance when you are trying to sell a product or service, and of course, they would want to see and feel that you are giving off an aura of trustworthiness and that you have absolute faith in your own abilities.  Be lively, enthusiastic, pleasant and positive, so that your clients will feel comfortable and excited about the product.  Be optimistic, cheerful and relaxed.  People respond very well to a cheerful and relaxed mood, not a gloomy and depressed one.
  • S-Style (Steadiness) – To become better in sales, you need to learn some things about voice tone and body language, as these two aspects are very important when trying to decipher a customer’s possible behavioral style and current mood.  Be accommodating and smile naturally when you greet your customers. Of course, no customer wants to repeat themselves when they are looking for a product or asking for service, so slightly lean in to your customers to be able to listen well to the things they say, especially if the environment is quite noisy (for instance, if the store is at the mall or it’s just near a busy street). For better results you need to know customer psychology according to that you can perform well.
  • C-Style (Conscientiousness) – If you want to become better in selling, you need to know all the things about your product and/or service.  Go the extra mile by researching on your own about the product so that you are sure that whatever information you say to the customer is accurate.  If a customer asks about a product and if you fail to answer even the simplest questions, it will make you look unprofessional, which gives you a one-way ticket to failure on closing that sale.

Understand more about the DiSC Profile Online Test here.

Understanding Customers Via The Everything Disc Sales Profile

Want to understand your customers with the help of the Everything DiSC Sales model?  First, you need to take a simple DiSC test.  This test is not too hard, and it only takes a few minutes to complete it.  After that, the results will be subjected under DiSC assessment, and your own DiSC profile will be drawn out.  With the help of the Everything DiSC model, you will come to learn and understand that there are 4 different DiSC profile behavioral styles a person can have.  By harnessing the knowledge that you will gain from the Everything DiSC Sales module, you will certainly be able to read, process, and react properly to the different types of customers you will encounter at the store each day.

Below are some ways you can understand your customers via the Everything DiSC Sales profiling:

Dominance (D-style):  Plan ahead for success.  You can become successful by doing some homework about how to conduct a sales conversation that is effective depending on the situation.  If you are well prepared and your goal is to succeed in each conversation you make with a potential customer, most likely you will make a sale.

Influence (i-style):  Make the product’s purpose clear.  If you do not show any enthusiasm about the product you are selling, then you will definitely not make the sale.  Of course, you can be good at almost any step of the sales process, but if the customer does not see the hype or value of the product or services they are looking into, then they will most certainly not buy it.

Steadiness (S-style):  Build rapport.  Before you go ahead and talk to your customer how you can help, you need to accommodate them and build some rapport.  It is normal that customers buy from people they like.  Become likeable and strive to build strong relationships. This way, you will soon find yourself going through sales conversations very smoothly. To know about DiSC Assessment: go to this link.

Conscientiousness (C-style): Balance between asking and listening.  You need to be analytical and systematic.  Otherwise, your customer may find you unorganized and unprofessional.  All sales conversations require give and take situations. You must be comfortable to listen to your customers, ask them what they may need, and give them your recommendations based on your knowledge.  You need to know exactly what you are selling, so it is a must that you are able to present or demo the product in a logical way so that customers will know and understand more about the product before they buy it.

Read more about DiSC Assessments here:

The Everything Disc Sales Profile For Sales Personnel

Many of us often wonder which of the 4 DiSC personality styles make up the best sales person, the best overall employee, or the best team leader in a company.  Of course, we are aware of the possibility that any individual, whatever DiSC profile they have based on taking the DiSC test and their results being subjected under DiSC assessment, can become a great leader or become very effective in the sales setting.  What they usually need is to be armed with the knowledge and the ability to read, understand, and respond adequately to the priorities and needs of others around them.

To be considered one of the good (if not the best yet) sales personnel in a company, one has to actually exude all the DiSC profile personalities.  Based on the Everything DiSC model, below are some ways an individual will have to behave in order to function as a good employee in sales.

DISC Profile

DISC Profile

Dominance – There are times that they have to be a bit persuasive in order to generate a successful sale.

Influence – There are times that they have to build some hype regarding an item to make it stand out and get noticed by customers.

Steadiness – There are times that they are supposed to show a troubled or inquisitive customer that they are willing to help in any way they can.

Conscientiousness – There are times that they must educate the customers about all the facts of a particular item – its pros and its cons.

When everybody is aware of the Everything DiSC Sales module, all of them will surely agree that no salesperson would stick to just a single DiSC profile during the entire sales process.

Learn what does Disc Stand for and mean

Of course, the Everything DiSC sales module does not stop at identifying and giving insightful tips for salespersons only, it also tackles the different DiSC profile styles of the customer, buyer or client. The reason for this is that it is actually futile to identify and train salespeople about their own DiSC profiles if they do not know how to deal with the different DiSC profiles of their potential buyers, customers, or clients.

How Everything DiSC Can Help You Sell Effectively

Maybe you are someone who is working at a sales setting and you are wondering why there are times you don’t get that lucky streak unlike your co-worker who seems to be always successfully closing a sale each time a customer walks in to the store.  Of course, the way you converse with customers to get them to buy your company’s product may be good, but would you like to know some useful information to make your sales conversations significantly better?

Disc Style 

Disc Style

You may have taken a DiSC test before and just like other people, you did not realize its full potential.  Depending on your company, the DiSC test you have taken may be run through what is called DiSC assessment in order to determine if you are going to be a good employee when assigned at a sales environment.

There are many ways how to become a successful salesperson, but if you think you are already good at your craft, would you be interested to learn more if it means you can become more effective and better in sales? Thankfully, there is the Everything DiSC sales module, which can give you very helpful insights not only on how to evaluate what type of personality you have, but also to know and assess what type of personalities your buyers may have (which can help you close a sale).

The following are the DiSC profile personalities a person can have based on the Everything DiSC model:

Dominance – overcomes challenges, likes to achieve results immediately, confident, persuasive

Influence – likes to influence others, lively, enthusiastic, optimistic, friendly

Steadiness – cooperates with others, loyal, patient, good listener, sincere, calm

Conscientiousness – likes to be accurate, ensures quality is maintained, gives attention to details, transparent

To become an effective salesperson, you need to incorporate all the DiSC profile styles in order to close a sale, and if you work at it continuously, you will achieve your goal of becoming that best sales employee of your store or company!  Not only will you learn about your own personality when taking the Everything DiSC sales module, but you also get to learn more about the different personalities your customers may have, and respond to them quickly, which results to closing more sales successfully.

Read more about Everything DiSC Workplace.

Take The DISC Test – Understanding Yourself And Others

Would it be great if you knew right then and there what people exactly want and need at the workplace?  If only you know other people you work with in a way that you are aware of their personalities, their behavior, their likes, dislikes and other things that make them tick, surely you will have a fairly easy time communicating with them and finishing up tasks quickly and effectively at work.



When you work along with other people, your personality type will usually tend to interact (or maybe clash) with the other people’s personalities – some pleasant, while others not so.  If you are tasked to build a team and work as a team, such interactions can play a huge part on the team’s effectiveness.  These days, in order for one to become an effective and competent team leader or work team, they must have a basic understanding of the Everything DiSC model, and to do that, every team member must take a DiSC test to determine what kind of personality they have based on the DiSC profile.

After taking the DiSC test, the team members’ results will then be subjected under DiSC assessment, in which their individual personalities will then be analyzed thoroughly according to the other team members’ own personalities. It will provide them great insights into what exactly their behaviors are and it will give them useful tips on how to communicate and deal with others properly, promoting a team that is harmonious, predictable, manageable and effective at the workplace.

Also, the DiSC test can be used not only for current employees.  The Everything DiSC model can also be helpful for human resource managers or employers when they are hiring new employees.

The DiSC model has 4 types of styles. Some of the behaviors or personalities a person will have according to DiSC profiles include the following:

  • Dominant – forceful, aggressive, strong-willed, direct
  • Influential – lively, sociable, talkative
  • Steady – soft-hearted, accommodating, gentle
  • Conscientious – logical, analytical, organized

The Everything DiSC model mainly measures one’s style of behavior and personality.  DiSC profiles typically describe how humans behave in different circumstances.  For instance, it can describe how one responds to challenges (fight or flight syndrome), how one influences others (in a good way or a bad way), one’s preferred pace and how one responds to procedures and rules.  This is what makes it very useful for human resource persons.

Take The DISC Test To Understand Your Customers

Have you ever wondered why some people can talk well with just about anyone they encounter while you have a hard time figuring out why your boss is always angry at you or your co-worker does not seem to understand why you are doing things the way you do?  Chances are that you are having a hard time doing your job efficiently because your personality is clashing with other people at the workplace.  What you need to do is to know what personality you have via taking a DiSC test, and with that, you will come to learn and understand your own DiSC profile which can definitely help you communicate better with others at work.  Better communication (or interaction) with everyone at work will mean that you can do your job effectively, whether you are working as an individual or you are working with others as a team.

Who knew that personality tests can be useful at work areas?  Many of us thought that personality tests are just for entertainment purposes only, and they are common in fashion magazines or lifestyle periodicals.  These days, personality tests such as the DiSC tests are used by companies to help them find ideal candidates who will most likely fit the job description with the accompaniment of a probable assessment of their personality and behavioral traits based on the four DiSC styles.  You should be honest in answering the questions, and keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers on a DiSC test.

You may have observed in the real-world setting that salespeople who are selling things like gadgets and mobile devices tend to be outwardly friendly, approachable, and extremely patient. These are just some of the ideal behavioral traits that an effective salesperson must have in order to be able to promote and sell items to customers.  If you are working at a business establishment that sells items, then you need to take the Everything DiSC Sales module, since this is the best one that can teach sales personnel on how to communicate better with their customers.

With the Everything DiSC sales module, you will learn how to determine the customers’ DiSC profiles.  By knowing the customers’ specific DiSC personalities, you will know how to adapt to their needs and wants which in turn can help you close more sales.

Mold: Danger and Causes

Owning a house can be a lot of work. When you are not worrying about plumbing or electrical matters, you have to worry about the presence of mold around it. By now, you probably already know how detrimental to both the structure of a home and the health of people—especially children and people with respiratory disease—mold can be. While it can easily be dealt with simple household items (think vinegar and baking soda), the unfortunate truth is that it tends to spread a lot—and fast.

What do you do when it’s too late? Not only does it become tricky to deal with… it almost becomes impossible without the help of professionals. If you live in the Calgary area, Platinum Disaster Restoration offers Calgary mold removal services that are both efficient and cost-effective. Whether the mold has spread around your basement or your bathroom walls, we will ensure to undo any damage that has been done and leave your house completely mold-free – aka as “mold remediation calgary”.

With that being said, what exactly causes mold? And why should you worry about it? Generally speaking, moisture is the main culprit. Think water leaks around the foundation of the house, basement, sinks and windows. The more condensation there is—especially during the winter months—the higher the risk of mold appearing will be. Ventilating your home should therefore be your main priority, as should keeping it warm and dry.

As for why you should worry about it, the fact that it can prove to be a health hazard to you and your family should be a good enough incentive to rid your house of it. It is not uncommon for people to be negatively affected by the presence of mold around their house. In fact, mold is linked to coughing, shortness of breath, allergies and even asthma. What’s more, in the long run mold can even leave the structure of your house damaged beyond repair.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If the mold has not spread too much, we recommend that you spend some time researching how to remediate to the situation. Keep in mind, however, that the longer you wait, the more you will need to call on the help of professionals such as Platinum Disaster Restoration.


DiSC Profile Online Test

In order to start your DiSC Profile online test you will have the questions emailed to you together with an access code so that you can obtain your assessments. (There is also a paper version available).

When you receive the questions you need to understand that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Your answers will not affect your job status or prospects. The object is to enable you to understand yourself better – why you behave the way you do – and to understand those around you.

You learn about your strengths and weaknesses, your needs, tendencies, preferred environment and strategies for more effective behavior. Your profile report will also include information about the other types of personality which will give you greater understanding of work colleagues, customers, managers and any other people with whom you come into regular contact.

When you understand your own behavior and the behavior of your colleagues you can adapt when you need to in certain situations so that the overall outcome is enhanced for everyone. You might choose to alter your behavior in a given situation if you know that the other person or team members will react more positively if you do so.

Equally, your colleagues can adapt their behavior in order to accommodate your needs and preferences. The objective is to produce better results all round.

DiSC does not measure your mental health, aptitudes, values or intelligence. It measures your behavioral type and your personality. You might be a born leader or you might prefer others to lead while you are happy to take orders. You might prefer to work in a hectic environment or you could be happier in a calm one.

When you understand yourself – and when your colleagues and managers understand you better – your work situation can be altered so that you respond and give of your best.

For more information on how DiSC works or on Everything DiSC Workplace go to

What Does DiSC Profile Stand For Or Mean?

This is what is called a “DiSC Map“.


D represents Dominance.  People with this design are outcomes oriented, like to challenge the status quo and take action.

“i” means Influence.  People with this design are enthusiastic. They take pleasure in collaboration along with doing something about it.

S stands for Steadiness.  People with an S style tend to support those around them. They flourish on collaboration in addition to a stable environment.  They like a challenge, they value the need for stability.

Now for the difficult part … Depending on where your dot falls on the DiSC map, you may be a mix of several various designs. In truth, everybody is a blend of all four designs. Relying on where your dot falls, you will most certainly have a main design (where you are most comfortable and the behaviors you generally default to). Numerous of you will also have a secondary style. Take me as an example, I am an “SC”.  Main S, Secondary C.

My partner on the various other hand is a ‘high D’.  You might hear this term used when somebody’s dot is close to the outside edge of the circle.  When someone is “high”, it just means that their personality traits are more extreme. When I wrote this blog site and typed ‘my partner’, I was describing my business partner (and dad!).

But come to consider it, I might too have suggested my other half! He’s a high D too.  Now that’s an entirely various blog: Do contrary DiSC Profile Styles bring in?  Did I try to wed somebody much like my Father?

My partner’s profile (you decided if this is my business partner or hubbies profile– in any case, you’re right!).