DiSC Profile Online Test

In order to start your DiSC Profile online test you will have the questions emailed to you together with an access code so that you can obtain your assessments. (There is also a paper version available).

When you receive the questions you need to understand that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Your answers will not affect your job status or prospects. The object is to enable you to understand yourself better – why you behave the way you do – and to understand those around you.

You learn about your strengths and weaknesses, your needs, tendencies, preferred environment and strategies for more effective behavior. Your profile report will also include information about the other types of personality which will give you greater understanding of work colleagues, customers, managers and any other people with whom you come into regular contact.

When you understand your own behavior and the behavior of your colleagues you can adapt when you need to in certain situations so that the overall outcome is enhanced for everyone. You might choose to alter your behavior in a given situation if you know that the other person or team members will react more positively if you do so.

Equally, your colleagues can adapt their behavior in order to accommodate your needs and preferences. The objective is to produce better results all round.

DiSC does not measure your mental health, aptitudes, values or intelligence. It measures your behavioral type and your personality. You might be a born leader or you might prefer others to lead while you are happy to take orders. You might prefer to work in a hectic environment or you could be happier in a calm one.

When you understand yourself – and when your colleagues and managers understand you better – your work situation can be altered so that you respond and give of your best.

For more information on how DiSC works or on Everything DiSC Workplace go to www.discprofilecanada.com.

What Does DiSC Profile Stand For Or Mean?

This is what is called a “DiSC Map“.


D represents Dominance.  People with this design are outcomes oriented, like to challenge the status quo and take action.

“i” means Influence.  People with this design are enthusiastic. They take pleasure in collaboration along with doing something about it.

S stands for Steadiness.  People with an S style tend to support those around them. They flourish on collaboration in addition to a stable environment.  They like a challenge, they value the need for stability.

Now for the difficult part … Depending on where your dot falls on the DiSC map, you may be a mix of several various designs. In truth, everybody is a blend of all four designs. Relying on where your dot falls, you will most certainly have a main design (where you are most comfortable and the behaviors you generally default to). Numerous of you will also have a secondary style. Take me as an example, I am an “SC”.  Main S, Secondary C.

My partner on the various other hand is a ‘high D’.  You might hear this term used when somebody’s dot is close to the outside edge of the circle.  When someone is “high”, it just means that their personality traits are more extreme. When I wrote this blog site and typed ‘my partner’, I was describing my business partner (and dad!).

But come to consider it, I might too have suggested my other half! He’s a high D too.  Now that’s an entirely various blog: Do contrary DiSC Profile Styles bring in?  Did I try to wed somebody much like my Father?

My partner’s profile (you decided if this is my business partner or hubbies profile– in any case, you’re right!).